Psalm 9:9 "The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed,"

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Safety and security is a priority at this homeless  shelter. Potential candidates would be displaced women and women with children due to a natural or personal disaster, fire, those without any housing, and any woman or woman with children who has found themselves with no safe dwelling to live in. The Refuge of Hope is a temporary solution for these and possibly other examples. The length of stay depends on the effort put forth to allow us to help them find a permanent housing arrangement and working the programs for homeless women . The first day a woman arrives will be working to find her more permanent housing. We will partner with local agencies and organizations that specialize in securing housing, employment, education and provisions. If a woman in our shelter shows no sign of trying to find permanent housing, their length of stay will be limited to 14 days. All women who come to the Refuge escaping domestic violence will be escorted to Genesis. If this issue is discovered in the ensuing days after arrival, she will be escorted to Genesis as soon as possible. All women with a proclaimed or noticeable drug or alcohol dependency will be directed to appropriate drug rehab facilities in our area. Any who come to us detoxing from a substance will be taken to the local hospital for evaluation. 


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